2 Month Baby Height and Weight

You've finished your first month with your baby. You can be sure that the 2nd month will be more comfortable and experienced than last month. Your baby will start moving and will react to you. If you're lucky, you can even get your first smile. What is the frequency of feeding in this month, sleep patterns, and the behavior of the baby in the second month? How will the baby go through a process of sensory development? You can learn it all in the development of a 2-month baby!

Sensory Development of 2 Month Old Baby

  • The growth rate of 2-month infant development continues in the first weeks. The baby takes 150 to 200 grams per week. Slowly her cheeks, arms and legs begin to fill. Although the answer to the question söy How many kilos should be 2 months old baby? Ğin is about 4-5 kg, we can say that every healthy baby can develop in different heights and weights.
  • The 2-month infant length is 1,51.5 cm per month. But they are also approximate.
  • At the second month, the baby’s head and brain continue to develop at the same speed. Head circumference expands up to 1.25 cm per month. It is normal that the baby’s head is larger than the rest of the body during this period. The head still grows faster than other organs.
  • Bıgıldak is still open, but at the end of the second month and at the beginning of the third month it starts to become harder and harder.

2 Month Baby’s Hearing Ability

  • In the second month your baby’s vision will be clearer and lighter than the last month so you can introduce him to pastel colors now. In the second month it is more clear than the first month and it shows more attention to bright and vivid colors.
  • His eyes and his movement with the eyes of the language is always moving, as a result of the sound makes. But the voices are always vowels because they don’t know how to use their language. There’s nothing to worry about. Babies start using silent letters between 3 months and 5 months.
  • It can react when you see the bath tub or bottle.
  • She can’t see far away like in the first month, but she can follow her eyes.

2-Month Baby’s Hearing Ability

  • İkinci ayda işitme duyuları ilk aya göre daha kuvvetli olacak. Mesela bu ay senin sesini daha net algılayacağına emin olabilirsin. Hatta uzun süre sesini duymadığında endişelenebilir bile!
  • Distinguish the difference between thick voice and thin sounds. For example, he can understand the difference between your voice and his father’s voice.
  • This month you can measure your reactions by always listening to the same music. Because the repetitive melody begins to react to the sounds or the same masala you read.
  • Because the hearing is better, the sounds are more common. She enjoys the sounds she brings herself, and she repeats it all the time. You can confirm it by imitating those sounds.
  • By the end of the second month, he might be talking about it if he was constantly looking at a single point or object while making a sound.
  • One last example of a 2-month-old baby response to hearing is that he can move his arms and legs rhythmically while listening to music.

2-Month-Old Baby’s Odor Collection

From the moment the baby is born, it grows with many different scents. It's like breast milk, the smell of perfume you use, or the smell of fried chicken. Unless you're sensitive to odors, you can introduce other scents to your baby.

2 Months of Baby’s Taste Acquisition

  • You don’t need to alert your baby of that sensation right now. The baby’s taste buds detect only breast milk and baby’s milk during this period.
  • It’s going to be a way of research for her as she grows and every jerk she gets is her mouth. It’s best if you don’t interfere with them unless they are dangerous, like being spiky or poisonous.

2 Month Baby’s Touch Capability

  • The sense of touch is one of the most meaningful senses the baby uses to carry the world. He feels what it feels like to touch you and his father, destroying the objects around him.
  • Try to understand how your baby wants to be touched. Many babies like to kiss, hug or tickle. It’s not more beautiful than touched hands.
  • Lay the different fabric types on the baby’s skin and lay him on the face on different surfaces.
  • Massage her for at least 20 minutes. The babies who massage themselves gain weight and develop better. Growth retardation is seen in infants who are not touched too much.

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