3 Month Baby Development

The big two months are over. Your baby is going to start with the pleasant processes you will spend. Because now it will be officially recognized, smiling and screaming, and discovering his hands and hitting them together. If you're ready, start reading baby development for 3 months

How much weight should a 3 month old baby have? How long does the 3-month baby’s length?
  • The 3-month-old baby continues to develop as in the previous month.
  • It weighs about 750 gr and weighs up to 2 cm.
  • In this process, the baby can be very plump in the eye. But do not be afraid, in the coming months when the crawling and walking, this plumpness will gradually disappear.

Sensory Development of 3 Month Old Baby

3 Month Old Baby’s Vision

Her baby's vision is developing at great speed. If you ask, iz How can a 3-month-old baby see?
  • In the third month, he may turn both eyes inward or outward to see a distant object to focus on an object standing next to the baby.
  • Now he starts to see the distance and even though there is some distance between them, he can recognize you.
  • Gradually recognize the colors. Especially the main colors attract attention.
  • If you notice a glitch or strabismus in the baby’s eyes this month, we recommend that you consult your physician immediately.

3 Month Old Baby’s Hearing Ability

Her baby's hearing improved very well. He may now be excited about the sounds he recognizes or he may remain silent. When there is a voice he does not recognize, he can turn to the side of the sound and try to find the source.

3-Month-Old Baby’s Taste and Odor Capability

  • Towards the end of the month, the baby begins to distinguish between different tastes.
  • Can understand and react to the difference between breast milk and food.
  • If he uses a new formula, he can understand that it is a foreign nutrient.
  • There may be odors that you don’t like.
  • All this can affect the baby’s diet.

Mental Development of 3 Month Old Baby

Your baby will begin to act consciously this month. He'll raise his hands up and try to reach out to the toys willingly. Underneath all of these lies the development of motor skills, thinking, reasoning and planning skills. 

In this process, memories and experiences begin to take place in the baby's brain. Memory paths occur with repeated actions. For example, when she cries, she knows that she'll be interested in you or smile back when she laughs.

Social Development of 3 Month Old Baby

3-month-old baby's sounds and gestures increase. He grunts, he screams, he chirps, he pulls his tongue out, smiles and tries to chat with you in these ways. Try to accompany him. If you ask, iz What does a 3-month old baby like? “We can say that he loves the way things are. 

Now he knows you and his father very well, there is no fear of foreigners. But after a few months, he might not want to leave you and not be nice to strangers.

This month, the baby not only to express the need or feeling, but to draw attention can cry. Unutma If a 3-month-old baby cries, why don't you cry?

What does a 3 month old baby do?

  • The movements of her 3-month-old baby will make faster progress than the previous months. He is now better able to keep his head up and even up to 45 degrees. In other words, bilir Can a 3-month-old baby hold his head? Mi, we can give the answer yes.
  • Although it is months to walk on the feet held upright with full force to step on the ground can make the move. But of course not hurry, this month will not walk. It’s just a reflex!
  • Brain development in infants this month shows a noticeable increase. He will now be more compatible with the real world and will be more sensitive to what is happening around him. Especially when he hears your voice, he can even look at you and try to answer.
  • By the third month will be aware of your hands. In the month of review by opening almost all fingers, not in case of punching them! Especially when she reads her own hands while lying down, she learns that her voice is banging with her both hands, she laughs with joy and wraps her hands together. Even by the end of this month, he’ll learn how to touch and move toys.
  • It will also happen later this month that her hands will be able to hold something and begin to shake the objects she holds. And when he moves it, it’s only a matter of time before he learns that he’s making sound, especially by sound toys. Once we find out, it won’t be easy to get that toy. The third month will continue with everything he has in his mouth. There may even be a problem, like, da Why does a 3-month-old baby put his hand in his mouth? Hatta The answer is very simple, trying to get to know everything with his mouth!
  • This month’s most ambitious development will now begin to clearly distinguish their relatives. He will treat you and his wife differently, recognize you immediately, laugh more and cry less and not want to be alone. As you can see, 3-month-old baby behavior is changing!

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