About Us

Newbabycare.Net, which has been meeting with its users since February 2019, will help you grow your babies throughout the broadcasting period. The development of newborn babies has become a site that knows the task of meeting the users with rates such as nutrition, height and weight.

What is Newbabycare.Net?

Newbabycare.Net We are bringing together brands and companies that want to reach them with a single platform. By delivering the right products to the right target group and the mother and mother candidates to the right products and services, we meet the needs of both parties in the shortest time and in the most functional way.

For Mother and Mother Candidates Newbabycare.Net

We’re with you from the first moment you know you’re pregnant! Because Anneysen.com is a huge information platform where you can find expert articles, questions and answers, videos and mother experiences on everything you wonder, such as pregnancy, birth, baby care, parenting, motherhood psychology! At the same time, it is a marketplace where you can easily access many products and services you need from child activity workshops to entertainment centers, from birth photographers to carer services and to pregnant-baby-child equipment, to look for companies for free quotation, and to find out which product is sold at the most affordable price. In short, everything you need as a mother is here!